About Us…

What To Expect: You’ll be greeted and handed a bulletin by our ushers who can answer any questions for you.  You’ll find refreshments and camaraderie in the back half of the multi-purpose room starting at 9:40.  The nursery, Pre-K, elementary and youth classes are located nearby.

How To Dress: Comfortably! Most of us dress casually, with an occasional dress jacket.  The normal dress ranges from highly casual to business attire.  Pastor Kevin & Pastor Ed love their jeans! 

Children: Are our highest priority and greatest love! All are welcomed and encouraged to participate.  Nursery and preschool is also available during the service. 1st - 6th grade are free to attend Children’s church following the music portion of worship.

Our Worship Style: We love worship.  Our Worship Band leads us in songs frequently heard on Christian radio along with a taste of  traditional hymns with a contemporary flair! Our children join the worship team on a regular basis! 

Besides Sunday Mornings: We have small group Bible Studies throughout the week.  See our small group page for more information.

NBCF is congregationally governed, with staff and elected leaders handling the day to day business.


NBCF is associated with the Southern Baptist Convention, a loose affiliation of autonomous churches that hold to the same doctrines and have a passion for missions in North America and around the world.