About Us…

What To Expect: Due to the pandemic we have had to move our time and service location but continue to meet - to serve and glorify an amazing God. Currently we are meeting for service at 875 Fremont at 530pm on Saturday evenings. 

How To Dress: Comfortably! Most of us dress casually, with an occasional dress jacket.  The normal dress ranges from highly casual to business attire.  Pastor Dennis and the team love their jeans! 

Children: Are our highest priority and greatest love! All are welcomed and encouraged to participate.  Nursery and preschool is also available during the service. 1st - 4th are also able to take part in childrens service, while 5th-12th grade are currently staying in service with parents until we have been okay'd by the state to open up to more people. Everyone's health and safety is a factor. 

Our Worship Style: We love worship.  Our Worship Band leads us in songs frequently heard on Christian radio along with a taste of  traditional hymns with a contemporary flair! Our children join the worship team on a regular basis! 

Besides Saturday Evenings: We have small group Bible Studies throughout the week.  See our small group page for more information.

NBCF is congregation-ally governed, with staff and elected leaders handling the day to day business.


NBCF is associated with the Southern Baptist Convention, a loose affiliation of autonomous churches that hold to the same doctrines and have a passion for missions in North America and around the world.